Boosta spray, elevate mousse, Seven Seconds conditioning spray, Expanda Dust

Braid using Unite Hair Products. Photo shoot in Downtown Roseburg Oregon Hair By Terry Savas Photo By Life Wide open.

This loose Dutch Braid was pinched and pulled to perfection. The look was created by layering Unite blow & Set, Elevate Mousse and Boosta Spray. Then Blown dry and curled the hair adding Expanda Dust, and Max Control Hair Spray.

Model: Lisa Gill

Photographer: Michael James with Life Wide Open Photography

Hair: Terry Savas

Location: Historic Downtown Roseburg, Oregon

Braids are the look for every occasion. If you are having a day at the beach or a lazy day at home, a braid is just what you need. Want to glam it up? BRAIDS!! Braids can be done is such intricate ways. This braid was created for a rainy day photo shoot in the Fall by wrapping the braid around the head making Lisa’s hair look unbelievably thick by utilizing a pinching and pulling technique. Lisa, you are SO beautiful.