Hair painting by The Edge Hair Design

Hair painting by The Edge Hair Design

One of the HOTTEST trends right now is Balayage. The word Balayage is French for a sweeping motion. The look was finished using Unite Hair Products. After shampooing the hair we layered on 7 seconds conditioning spray and Blow & Set Lotion then blowing her hair dry. Next using a 1 inch curling iron rotating back and forth to create a disheveled messy look. Finishing the look with Texturiza Spray.

Model: Brook Eichman

Photography: Life Wide Open Photography

Hair: Anna Darrow, Kayla Caylor and Terry Savas

Balayage is done by a continuous motion from your arm painting color on the hair. This technique can be applied to the hair in several different ways. It is Hair Painting, every artist is different and it is all about the interpretation of the lived in look your wanting.

Why sit on arrows in the middle of Down Town Roseburg? Because with Balayage you can go so may ways and create so many things.