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Creating Magic




Model: Meg Bolin

Photography: Michael Lessner

Hair: Terry Savas

Location: Downtown Roseburg, TS Studio

Products Used: Unite Max Control,  Unite Expanda Dust and Unite Texturiza


I feel everyone needs a creative outlet.

For me,  it is creating magic with hair, fantasy and photography.  I had the pleasure of working with one of my best friends in the creative industry.  Michael and I have been working together for many many years.  The passion that we both feel for our work is a force to be reckoned with.  We create an art that sometimes only we get and sometimes I feel we can blow the world away.

This day was all about wiggery.  Yes I said wiggery.  It is the art of creating a look using fake hair.  All of the hair used in these photos are fake, wigs I made. Meg has a ton of hair!!  It would take me all day to get these looks with her hair and using wiggery it only took me 5 min.

I love getting to play and be creative.  But sometimes I get nervous…..  What if the hair doesn’t do what I have in mind.  (which happened)  You roll with it.  Sometimes you end up creating something even more amazing.

I was able to learn how lighting in a studio can make all the difference in the world.  Michael, you have been a fantastic teacher.  I thank you for teaching me your craft Michael.


Terry Savas


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The Edge On Location Part 2: FUN

Part 2: Unbelievable Fun

Part 1 was from the side of me that is all about the PASSION of Education whereas Part 2 is all about the FUN I had with incredible people.

Day 1: Downtown Vegas

After a fun day at the pool… That I somehow missed…  It was time to start prepping my two beautiful models: Carsen Fromdahl and Maria Johnson. I have learned over the years that if you properly set a style you can do anything with it AND it will stay all night. In a rush of excitement, I quickly had both the girls ready to go and shoot in old Downtown Las Vegas.


  Carsen’s hair needed to be pinned it up until it was about time to shoot – as her hair does not like to hold curl… or so she thought! But Maria’s on the other hand – she has hair for days, and it will hold till the cows come home!!


 Night 1 was just a fun little impromptu photoshoot where photographers and models could meet.

And we were off… Walking around Downtown Las Vegas where there are some really fun murals – and just cool stuff to shoot in front of. As the photographers were shooting, I walked between models and fluffed their hair and put it back where it should be. It was a little windy that day. Remember, I put a lot of work into the prep using Unite Hair Care Products.


 We were on our way to go have some fun after shooting on the top of a parking garage when all of a sudden Louise Ungerman decides that “HEY, this elevator looks cool.” Boy did it! These ladies are the best and just go with the flow.


 We ended the first night with some good old fashioned fun – watching the light show and people watching. This is Vegas after all. With a night that ended finally around 1AM, I needed some sleep!!

Day 2: 3:30am – Model Prep

I woke at 3:30 to start getting the models ready by 4:15. We had to leave the hotel by 6:30 to meet up with all the other photographers, models, and glam squads. Then we were off to Nelson, Nevada.


 Nelson, Nevada is about the size of Roseburg High School’s campus. It is tiny but full of the most amazing things. They have every prop imaginable for movies, music videos or photoshoots. As we pulled up in a HUGE coach bus, everyone was so excited to get started. First came the set up – I had to have my glam space. I had the privilege of working with Kristen Upright. She is a fantastic make-up artist. We set up our little corner and got to work finishing all our models. As Kristen and I were finishing up Maria, Carsen, and Cam, there was another model there named Teegan who had very fine hair. She told me “my hair does NOT hold curl.” Challenge accepted! I again went through the routine of properly prepping her hair with the correct Unite Products. I curled her hair and voilá – waves for days that lasted into the night.

Nelson Nevada

Model: Teegan, Photographer: Louise Ungerman, Hair: Terry Savas, MUA: Kristen Upright

As prep of the models came to a close, the photographers that were participating in the education event were learning new techniques to try for the day from two great photographers – John Pyle from Columbus, Georgia and Tori Gaddis from Ventura, CA.


The perfect BoHo

The day flew by! I did several different looks on the models, including Cam. He even got a few different looks. I found myself just watching and listening to the education around me and just made sure all the models that I was working with stayed beautiful. I found that I really love doing this kind of work. It was so creative and free. I would love to work behind a camera more – it was an amazing feeling.

As the day went on, we went to a dry lake bed in the middle of nowhere! The sun was setting and it was a “hurry up and get the models out there” type of situation! Here are some of the images the photographers captured.


Unite Hair Dry Lake Bed


It was a fantastic day. I will never forget it! A huge thank you to Louise for asking me to come and create at this event! I met so many new people I hope I get to work with again. Here is to many more fantastic experiences!


P.S. At dinner, I told the models to put their phones down and enjoy the ones they were with instead. Whoever picked up their phone before dinner was over would get to PAY for my dinner!! They made it!



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